Birgit Knudsdatter (AKA Betsey Johnson)

Betsey Johnson

Betsy Johnson was born Birgit Knudsdatter on 25 March 1847 in the Old Muskego settlement in Racine County, Wisconsin.  She was the third child born to her parents Knud Johnson Luraas and Gyri Nelsdatter Rue. 

Betsy lived in Muskego until about 1849 when her family moved up to Winnebago County and settled on a farm near Larsen, Wisconsin. Although nothing is known about Betsey’s childhood years, we do know that she was married to Alfred Anderson in about 1865.  Alfred died on 26 March 1866 leaving Betsey a widow and pregnant with her first child.  Betsey’s daughter, Evalina Georgina was born 20 July 1866. 

Nels and Betsey Marriage Certificate

On 17 November 1867, Betsey married Nels Olavus Thorson at her father’s farm.  They moved to their own farm in Greenville, Outagamie County, Wisconsin and set about farm life and raising their family.  Betsey died 2 September 1928 at the home of her son, Gilbert, in Greenville.

You can read about Old Muskego Settlement and Betsey’s parents here and here.

You can read about Betsey’s husband Nels Thorson here.

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