Birgit Knudsdatter (AKA Betsey Johnson) Betsey Johnson Betsy Johnson was born Birgit Knudsdatter on 25 March 1847 in the Old Muskego settlement in Racine County, Wisconsin.  She was the third child born to her parents Knud Johnson Luraas and Gyri Nelsdatter Rue.  Betsy lived in Muskego until about 1849 when her family moved up to … Continue reading Portraits

Tuesday Newsday

Rare old picture from Fjotland around 1850 If our information about this picture is correct, it is a rare opportunity for us to present such an old photograph.  The little girl’s name is Asgerd, born 1851.  She is sitting on her mother, Torborg Eielsdatter Engedal’s lap.  Torborg Engedal born 1822 – died 1874.  The father, … Continue reading Tuesday Newsday