Thursday Treasures

My Grandmother's Paintings Bluebonnets I am lucky enough to have inherited some paintings made by my grandmother, Lagada Dirk Weigel. She worked mainly in acrylics and favored landscapes. Oma was an artistic person in general. She had an eye for fashion and decorating, she was a gardener, and she could sew her own clothing and … Continue reading Thursday Treasures

Find A Grave Friday

Jacob Dirk Jacob Dirk Jacob Dirk was born 23 October 1866 in Krassne, Odessa, Ukraine. He was one of the German's from Russia and was the second generation born there after his family left Germany. He is buried in the Calvary Cemetery in Yakima, Washington and his Find A Grave memorial can be seen here. … Continue reading Find A Grave Friday

Gramma’s High School Scrapbook

Page 5 These pictures are from my grandmother Lagada Dirk Weigel's senior year in high school. The people in the photos are most likely students that attended Columbus Catholic High School in Marshfield, Wisconsin or St. Mary's Catholic School in Bismarck, North Dakota. The majority of people would likely be from the graduating class of … Continue reading Gramma’s High School Scrapbook