Grandma’s High School Scrapbook

Page 1

My grandmother, Lagada Dirk Weigel, attended high school at St. Mary’s Catholic School in Bismarck, North Dakota until her senior year in 1951. Oma then moved to Marshfield, Wisconsin and attended Columbus Catholic High School and graduated in 1952.

Oma has saved her yearbooks from 1949 to 1952, but they did not make it through the years unscathed. As is the case for many of these books, they were written and drawn in, some of the pages have parts cut out of them, and some pages are missing completely.

Oma made a scrapbook that appears to be from her senior year in high school. The book contains pictures of her classmates from both Marshfield and Bismarck and I am going through the process of trying to ID the class photos. There are also some loose photos of her classmates that I am working to ID. It is a little challenging in that the pictures are a mix of people from both locations.

I will post the pages one at a time with the people identified as much as is possible. I am using yearbooks available online to help me, but not all years are uploaded yet.

Class of 1952 Columbus Catholic High School, Marshfield, WI

Top Row Left to Right: JoAnne Beck, Marilyn Wanke, Carol Wagner

Middle Row: Audrey Graettinger, Margaret Koeberl, Mariette O’Neil

Bottom Row: Ethel Nelles, Joan Wolski, Audrey Feirer

This page is 100% identified by using the 1952 yearbook for Columbus Catholic High School.

Page 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

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