WitzEnd Family History is a place for sharing memories, stories, records, and information about all my ancestors and those of my husband. Comments, corrections, shares, questions, and story ideas are all welcome here.

I first became interested in family history at my great grandmother’s kitchen table. I was in middle school and was already a history buff. Relatives were visiting from out of state, and my grandmother was interviewing the guests as we sat at the table regarding memories and genealogy. I remember someone showing a chart with our family name on it in German dating to the 1700s. I was amazed that it was possible to know anything about these people who came so much before us! I have been fascinated with the puzzle of genealogy ever since.

I have lived in the Marshfield, Wisconsin area my whole life. I have been researching family stories on my own for 20+ years and have become the curator of my own family history collection over the years. Many pictures and records have been handed down to me or passed along by other family researchers. I hope to use this platform to preserve their family stories and pass them on to future generations.

As a member of the Marshfield Area Genealogy Group, and current vice-president, I have had some fun in assisting people from around the US with research questions about their local family history. I have had some interesting requests – including some from in the state prison system – and one from Switzerland.

This page is very much a work in progress, so check back often. I hope you find something useful (if you do, let me know!). Thanks for stopping by!

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