Ancestors in Salem, Massachusetts

Goodale/Goodall/Goodell Family We had always been aware that my husband had New England ancestry. His grandmother had been told stories of Patriot ancestors that fought during the Revolutionary War and she had passed those stories on to her children and grandchildren. That particular branch - the Ehle family - had come to the colonies in … Continue reading Ancestors in Salem, Massachusetts


Nels Olavus Thorson Nels Olavus Thorson ca. 1861 Nels Olavus Thorson was born at Eiesland Gaard, Eiken, Haeggebostad, Vest-Agder, Norway on 8 January 1842.  He was the second child born to Thor Oddson Eiesland and his first wife, Asgerd Gassesdatter Veggeland.  Asgerd died when Nels was just 5 years old, leaving him and his older … Continue reading Portraits