Thursday Treasures

Doily Collection This collection was made primarily by my husband's grandmother Gertrude Evelyn Ehle Witzel and her mother Gertrude Ethelyn Smith Ehle from the early 1900s to about the 1950s. A few were from my great grandmother Viola Pauline Widmann Weigel in the years after her marriage in 1933. We wanted to find a way … Continue reading Thursday Treasures

Mystery Monday

This young man may or may not be related to me (probably not) but he was in a box of school photos from my grandmother, Lagada Dirk Weigel. The photo was taken in October 1950 in Columbia Park, Marshfield, Wisconsin. The back of the photo identifies him as "Larry". If anyone recognizes him, please comment … Continue reading Mystery Monday


Herman Weigel Herman Weigel was born in Germany in 1859 probably in Weigelsdorf, Silesia, Germany which is now known as Wigancice, Dolnoslaskie, Poland. Herman arrived in Marshfield, Wisconsin in the early days of the settlement, a few years before the fire in 1887. Herman was the fourth of five siblings who came to the Marshfield … Continue reading Portraits