Tuesday News Day

Lost at Gaming Table

This is What Aged Defendant in Municipal Court Declares on Thursday When Arraigned on the Charge of Using Abusive Language – Says Son was Victim

Appleton, Wis – Friday, April 15

Nels O. Thorson, an aged farmer, residing in the town of Greenville, was complained of by Wallace and Elmer Christianson, who charged that he had addressed them with obscene and abusive language. Mr. Thorson was arraigned in municipal court before Judge Ryan on Thursday afternoon, pleaded guilty and paid a fine of fifty cents, which with the costs amounted to $8.70.

According to the story told Judge Ryan by the aged defendant, he had referred to the two complainants in strong language because he said that they were constantly after one of his sons, who is a devotee of card playing, and that it was because of his son’s losses of fully $500 in the past year via the gaming table that he objected strenuously to him keeping company with the Christianson brothers. The defendant told how his son neglected his work to sit at the card table and dissipated his earnings, which were absorbed, he said, by his companions who found him “easy pickin'”, to use the vernacular. The story told the court was apparently as truthful as could be imagined for it did not seem possible to the court that a man of Mr. Thorson’s age would falsify after he had admitted that he had called the young fellows harsh names and was ready to pay for it.

Appleton Post (Appleton,WI) 21 April 1910, Thur page 7

The Post-Cresent (Appleton, WI) 31 Dec 1910, Sat page 1

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