Birgit Knudsdatter (AKA Betsey Johnson) Betsey Johnson Betsy Johnson was born Birgit Knudsdatter on 25 March 1847 in the Old Muskego settlement in Racine County, Wisconsin.  She was the third child born to her parents Knud Johnson Luraas and Gyri Nelsdatter Rue.  Betsy lived in Muskego until about 1849 when her family moved up to … Continue reading Portraits

Pioneers of Old Muskego

Part 2: Muskego to Winnebago County The Muskego settlement in Racine County, Wisconsin was only the fifth Norwegian settlement in all of the United States. By most accounts, there were fewer than 1000 Norwegians in all of America in 1839 when Muskego was founded. Once the immigrants settled on the lands at the south end … Continue reading Pioneers of Old Muskego