Ready or Not…

My Turn

The investigation into DNA for ancestry research is fascinating to me. I watch “Finding Your Roots” and see the miracles that happen when the written records run out and the guests are left with just their DNA to break through to new information. I have heard stories both happy and sad as DNA uncovers surprises for those who have gone looking.

In my family, I have tested my maternal grandmother, my mother, 2 of my mother’s sisters, and now…it’s my turn. I admit to being slightly apprehensive. I don’t really expect to turn up anything surprising, but the possibility exists that I might. The good news is that the tests seem to match the research I have done to this point.

There have not been any surprises with the DNA from my family members. My grandmother was maybe slightly disappointed that she did not have any Jewish DNA. She has red hair and was hoping maybe that would explain why. So far, we are European. Period. We have some UK genes, a little Scandinavian, but overwhelmingly we test as “Germanic Europe” on Ancestry’s DNA profile.

I look forward to seeing how my own genes shake out of this tree. I predict more “Germanic Europe” in my DNA, and I hope I get a little of my paternal grandmother’s Norwegian genes. It would be nice if I could connect myself to my father’s ancestral family and determine exactly where in Prussia his family comes from. I will post again after my results come back and let you know what I discover.

Have any of you done your DNA? Did you find it useful to your research? Did you have any surprises?

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