Tuesday Newsday

They’ve Got a Secret

Geigers, Pupps on TV Tonight

When five members of one family marry five members of another family that is news. But it’s also a secret and four of the couples left here early this morning for New York City to appear in Garry Moore’s “I’ve Got a Secret” television show tonight.

Their secret will be that two Geiger brothers married two Pupp sisters, and three Pupp brothers married three Geiger sisters.

Pupp/Geiger couples

The four couples are Mr and Mrs Aloysius Geiger, Mr and Mrs Joseph Geiger, Mr and Mrs Edward Pupp, and Mr and Mrs George Pupp.

William Pupp of Abbotsford did not accompany the group. Sadly, his wife, who had been Elsie Geiger, died six years ago. It’s the one sad note for the others who are looking forward to their outing in the big city.

Aloysius, a Wausau city fireman, said the families lived on farms about 7 miles from each other, but they managed to get together. The Geiger farm, where the 17 Geiger children were born, was a mile and a half west of Dorchester. The Pupps, with nine children, lived a mile north and a mile and a half east of Abbotsford. The families attended different churches and the children attended different schools.

“We attended parties in the area and met that way,” he said. “Of course, the first wedding created a tie which brought the families closer together. I’d say it was love that brought us together.”

William Pupp and Elsie Geiger married first. That was 1931. William was and still is a farmer.

George Pupp and Agnes Geiger were next to walk to the alter. That was in 1934. George operates a farm.

Joseph Geiger and Catherine Pupp were next in the marriage parade. They married in 1935. Joseph is employed at Salvo Chemical Co.

In 1939, Aloysius Geiger and Margaret Pupp took their vows.

Last were Edward Pupp and Ethel Geiger. They were married in 1942. Edward is employed at Marathon Electric Manufacturing Corp.

Mrs Frank Geiger, mother of the Geiger children, is living in Dorchester. She already has 135 descendants. Her husband is dead.

The parents of the Pupps, Mr and Mrs William Pupp, are also dead.

The five couples involved in the secret have made good headway toward large families. They have 36 children between them.

The Garry Moore “Secret” show will be on WSAU-TV tonight at 8:30 o’clock.

From Wausau Daily Herald (Wausau, Wisconsin) 16 Dec 1959, Wed. Page 1

One thought on “Tuesday Newsday

  1. In my family, we had a similar situation, three brothers and their sister married three sisters and a brother. But that was back in the beginning of the 19th century and in rural western NC when and where the choices were probably fairly limited, so not quite as exceptional. Still, it makes me doubly related to lots and lots of folks, and that’s always interesting.

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