Thursday Treasures

Jacob Weigel and Viola Widmann wedding party

Wedding Memorabilia from Jacob and Viola Widmann Weigel

I was fortunate to have a few things passed down from my great grandparent’s wedding in October of 1933.

Widmann/Weigel wedding booklet

My great grandmother saved her wedding booklet from the florist, TD Hefko. It is printed on textured paper and the binding is a simple ribbon. The cover is colorized and my great grandmother’s handwriting is on the pages listing guests, gifts, honeymoon plans, and their address at the time.

My great grandmother also saved her headpiece from the wedding. It has been kept by my mother in a cardboard box. The lace and beads are still fairly intact, although there has been some yellowing with age. The colors in the stitching are still very vibrant green and the artificial flowers are still shades of pink and blue.

Viola Widmann Weigel wedding headpiece
Weigel/Widmann wedding certificate

My great grandmother also saved a framed copy of her marriage certificate presented to her by the church. It is printed with shades of gold. The paper is very fragile and brittle with age, but the ink has held up very well. The document is signed by the bride and groom, the priest, and all the attendants.

I am very thankful that my great grandmother passed these treasures on to my mother before she died. Not only are these helpful genealogical items, they are also very beautiful heirlooms that I can pass down to future generations.

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