Wedding Wednesday

Jacob Nicholas Weigel and Viola Pauline Widmann

Jacob and Viola Weigel

On 18 October 1933, my great grandparents Jacob Weigel and Viola Widmann were married at Sacred Heart Catholic Chuch in Marshfield, WI. Jacob was the son of Henry and Rose Bohman Weigel and Viola was the daughter of Walter and Mary Schalk Widmann.

Jacob’s sisters Dorothy, Isabelle, and Rosalyn were Viola’s attendants and Jacob was attended by Frank Adler, Ed Fleisner, and Herbert Bushman.

Weigel wedding party at Weigelsdorf

After the ceremony, a reception for 150 guests was held at the farm of Henry and Rose Weigel in Weigelsdorf where breakfast, lunch, and dinner was provided.

Jacob had graduated in 1930 from McKinley High School and was employed as a cheese maker at the time of their marriage.

The couple honeymooned at the Chicago World’s Fair, Milwaukee, and Holy Hill.

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