Gramma’s Cookbook

Sweet Chunk Pickles from Mrs Panter

This recipe is from the collection of my great grandmother Viola Widmann Weigel

Pack your pickles in a jar and pour a brine over them made of 1 cup salt to 1 gallon of water and that has been cooked and cooled. Let stand in this for 1 week.

Drain and let stand in cold water for 24 hours. Put all the pickles back in the jar splitting the larger ones half in two and pour over a hot solution of 1 tbsp alum to 1 gal pf water for another 24 hours. DRAIN.

{syrup} made of 6 pounds of sugar, 6 cups of white vinegar, 3 tbsp mixed spices, cook this syrup and put over pickles hot each day for 3 days. Add ½ cup sugar each day if liked real sweet. The third day put them in jars and pour over the hot syrup and seal.

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