Mayflower Update

Setting Sail (finally…)

I sent our original application about 18 months ago to the Wisconsin Chapter of the Mayflower Society. I heard nothing even after sending a second email asking for confirmation that they had received the application. I was thinking the “line” must be pretty long for applications to be reviewed and just set the project aside and worked on collecting the information that I thought I would need when the society eventually contacted me. Recently though, I found that the Wisconsin Chapter has a Facebook page so I sent a message to see if they could offer me insight on the process.

It turned out that the email address on the chapter website’s main page was not an active email address. The email contact information had been updated on other pages in their site, but the main page link was missed. My application and apparently many others were sitting in cyberspace unread. The error was corrected and now the process has actually begun!

The researcher/historian contacted me about the lineage that I had listed on the application. The line for George Soule has already been researched and published by the Mayflower Families in Progress in the “Pink Books” which cover the first 6 generations from the Mayflower. The seventh generation is briefly mentioned in the books as well but with no further lineage. These books have source citations and information about the original documents and the lines up to this point are considered to be proven. Generations 7 through 13 are my challenge to connect definitively in order for the application to be approved.

first 5 generations in our Mayflower line

After reviewing the proposed lineage and the previously approved ancestors, the researcher reached out to me with the pieces of missing information that I needed to collect. Birth, marriage, and death certificates with identification of parents, spouses, etc are preferred but sometimes these documents cannot be located or the information is incomplete. In these cases, adding obituaries or the documents of siblings can be of help. Using the information I had previously collected, we are good to go through generation 9.

The researcher has informed me that the Mayflower Society needs to have state or county issued birth and death certificates for any events that happened in 1907 or after. I have a few more certificates to gather and submit to finish out the required documentation. The counties so far have been very helpful and fast in replying to my requests for information. Each certificate is $20, so the process can be expensive. There is also a fee to join the society which will be gathered before this process is over.

This has been an interesting and rewarding experience. It is nice to have validation of my research and findings. I am hopeful that the remaining source material will be able to be found and this process can be completed by this summer. I will post further updates as the process moves along.

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