Mayflower Passage

Trying to Get our Family on the Ship…

“Mayflower e porzh-mor Aberplymm” gant William Halsall, 1882

What happens when you follow the female lines in your family history research? In my case, it leads to some exciting finds!

When following the family of Hannah Sowle, wife of Smith Fancher, I found an interesting possible connection to a Soule family from Blenheim, New York. Further research into this family leads all the way back to Mayflower Pilgrim George Soule!

Of course I was excited, but proof is necessary in the pursuit of accurate genealogy. I found that there is a Facebook group for descendants of George Soule so I asked for permission to join. To be honest, I wasn’t sure that I would be accepted into the group because the question they ask when you apply is how you are related to George Soule. I was not sure at all that my husband WAS related to George Soule. My hope in joining the group was to find some information to aid me in finding sources to prove or disprove a connection. What I got was a total surprise.

Lineage of George Soule down to my husband’s grandmother

One of the administrators for the page is Louise Walsh Throop. She contacted me a few days after my initial post and confirmed my husband’s line all the way down to the point at which I was stuck – Hannah Sowle. As it happens, the Mayflower Society has published verified genealogies on several Mayflower Pilgrims. George Soule happens to have his known line published down to generation 6 in several publications known as the “pink books”.  Louise Walsh Throop is the author of the revised additions.

She recommended I order the books and join the Soule Kindred in America lineage society. She also recommended that I contact my state Mayflower Membership Society with my husband’s proposed lineage. The researchers will evaluate the connections and then inform me of the missing documentation needed to determine lineage.

I am currently awaiting their reply. In the meantime, I am going through my records to find any holes and am searching for records to fill in the gaps. This is the first lineage society that I have applied to. I’m looking forward to this as a learning experience. I will post updates on the process as we go along.

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