Conrad Schalk

Conrad Schalk

Conrad Schalk was born in Germany (probably Baden) 18 February 1865. He was the son of Thomas Schalk and Salise Gunther. Conrad arrived in the US around 1885. In 1887 he was living in Milwaukee working as a carpenter.

He married Maria Charlotta Egide in Milwaukee in 1888. Two children were born to the couple: a son Edward in 1889, and daughter Anna Magdalena in 1890. Maria Charlotta died in Milwaukee in January 1892.

In June of 1892, Conrad remarried to Maria Rehe in Milwaukee. Nine months later daughter Pauline was born. The couple would go on to have 11 more children between 1895 and 1917.

In 1895 the Schalk family was living in Hampden, Columbia County, WI. By 1900 the Schalks had moved up to Wood County and bought a farm in the town of Cameron just south of Marshfield. A severe thunderstorm in 1905 resulted in the barn adn 2 cattle being destroyed by lightning. In 1911, Conrad purchased the former John Gutten farm in the town of Day.

Conrad seems to have suffered from some sort of mental illness. In 1915, he was brought to court for a sanity hearing. He was taken to the county hospital near Wausau for two weeks of treatment while other witnesses were subpoenaed to testify as to his mental health. Conrad must have been able to return home for some time but in 1929 he was committed to the Northern Hospital in Winnebago County. Again, Conrad must have been allowed to return home – he is enumerated on the 1930 census at his home in the town of Day.

Conrad died at his home in the town of Day 11 December 1933. He was survived by his wife Marie and 12 of his 14 children.

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