Tuesday News Day

Family Murdered Wants Damages

Adam Luft of Waupaca County Files Suit Against Bert H. Drew Estate – Judge Murat Hears Case at Waupaca

Judge John A. Murat is hearing an important case in county court at Waupaca started as the result of a sensational tragedy near that city last year in which Bert H. Drew, a well to do bachelor farmer, shot and killed Mrs. Adam Luft and daughter, neighbors, and then took his own life. Drew wished to marry the daughter and was not favored it was stated at the time.

Luft has brought suit for damages against Drew’s estate, it is understood for $10,000, the damages being asked for the loss of Luft’s family.

Judge Murat heard arguments in the case Friday and returned to Waupaca today for a further hearing. The suit is against the administrator of Drew’s estate. The latter left a valuable farm but it is stated to be encumbered with mortgages.

Judge Emmons, Waupaca County’s probate judge, is reported slowly gaining health but is as yet unable to be out or even walk about the house.

Stevens Point Journal

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