Tuesday News Day

List of Civil War Veterans Who Lie in Local Cemetery

Thirty-two veterans of the civil war are buried in the Marshfield cemetery, some of the earlier graves being unmarked. Comrade P. M. Harkin is probably the only man who knows the exact location of every grave, and on Decoration Day he always conducts the decorating committee. Through the courtesy of T. F. Vannedom, adjurant, James G. Blaine, Post no. 110, we are able to give the following complete list of the departed soldiers:

In the city cemetery – Joseph Kohl, Egbert McLees, Wm. Ward Sr., Wm. Ward Jr., Charles Armstrong, Joseph Dumas, Charles L. Brooks, Miles Bigley, Amel B. Hager, Guilford Hodgden, Louis B. Bernett, Nathan Redig, David Walterbach, James R. Reilly, Paul Conrad, James Johnson, Gabriel A. Lupient, Charles T. Stringham, Jacob Widmann, Albert Gray, Henry Cox, R. M. Franklin, Arthur Thorp, and B. Fullmer.

In the Catholic cemetery – John Schoenhofen, John Malsack, John Schlicht, Daniel Shean.

In the Lutheran cemetery – Adam Youngblood, Ernst G. Schmidt, Christian Echoff, Abraham Kuntz.

The Marshfield Times, Wednesday May 22, 1907

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